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„Vaše inspirace v našich citacích.“

     Vítáme vás! Našim cílem je Vás inspirovat citacemi z knih, filmů a videí.
     Více o těchto stránkách najdete v sekci Vaše inspirace v citacích.

„As for Martial Arts, I am a professional Martial Arts practitioner and I have been practicing for many years. The highest level of Martial Arts in Taoism is health – preservation. The highest level of Martial Arts is to achieve quietness. From Liangyi to Tai chi to Wuji – the highest level is Wuji or quietness. The principle is to refine essence into chi and the chi to nourish the spirit. The spirit returns to nothing and the nothingness corresponds to Tao… so the highest level is the Tao.“


Braeley, Jon. Masters of Heaven and Earth - The Secrets of Tai Chi Chuan. Empty Mind Films, 2008. [q223] [s32]