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„Vaše inspirace v našich citacích.“

     Vítáme vás! Našim cílem je Vás inspirovat citacemi z knih, filmů a videí.
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„Everyone knows that the movements of Tai chi are slow. Why are these movements slow? In Martial Arts the practitioner always fights with fast movements, and the speed of the movements is very important. Yet Tai chi chuan is slow and soft and looks like you are floating. Actually when you practice the movements of Tai chi chuan it is for circulating the chi in our bodies, or we can call it the energy in our bodies. So when the practitioners make the Tai chi movements the mind and the chi move together. It is the combination of mind and chi, the combination of the three internal elements – the mind, the chi and the power. When the mind moves, the chi will follow and then the power will come out. “


Braeley, Jon. Masters of Heaven and Earth - The Secrets of Tai Chi Chuan. Empty Mind Films, 2008. [q225] [s32]