Jak psát uvozovky v HTML či ASCII?

HTML kód pro spodní dvojité uvozovky „ je „ nebo ASCII kód „
HTML kód pro horní dvojité uvozovky “ je “ nebo ASCII kód “

ASCII kód pro spodní jednoduché uvozovky ‚ ‚
ASCII kód pro horní jednoduché uvozovky ‘ ‘

HTML kód pro boční dvojité levé uvozovky » je » nebo ASCII » »
HTML kód pro boční dvojité pravé uvozovky « je « nebo ASCII « «

HTML Codes - Characters and symbols[online]. Dostupné z WWW: <http://www.ascii.cl/htmlcodes.htm>.

„Vaše inspirace v našich citacích.“

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„Zhong Yun Long: ‘Here Tai chi is not just a set of forms but a complete system. The system of Tai chi chuan includes Wuji … Tai chi and Liangyi. The sequence is set from one low level to the next higher level. At the very beginning, everybody should start with Kungfu practice since the Taoist Martial Arts, like traditional Kungfu, all start with Kungfu practice. This is especially true of the internal kungfu of Taoism as it relies on the chi and blood relies on the essence, the chi and the spirit. The practice starts from the practice of chi and spirit. Chi comes from the essence, or we say essence is converted to chi. Only after we have chi we can have energy. In the beginning we practice standing meditation to release chi. This step of refining the essence and converting it into chi is called Wuji. When the practitioners get sufficient chi and the wisdom reaches a certain level they will start to use some movements to bring out their internal kungfu. This is Tai chi chuan.’“


Braeley, Jon. Masters of Heaven and Earth - The Secrets of Tai Chi Chuan. Empty Mind Films, 2008. [q221] [s32]